Jon Adams- Across The Universe

24 05 2011

Shoutout to John Lennon.


Multiplicative Photos

13 05 2011

I’ve been trying this since I got my camera.  The first three are from a while back, and the other two are from this year.  I got some crazy ones cookin’ up soon.

So Fresh and So Clean

13 05 2011

Too much time on my hands.

White and Mellow Snippet

13 05 2011

Finally got a good mic.

Roger That feat. Pauly Paul and CWizzle

13 05 2011

D-town clown remix.

All Falls Down (in the D)

13 05 2011

Over Kanye’s “All Falls Down”, first music video

Pretty Boi Craig

13 05 2011

An ode to craig, and a mockery of Soulja Boi.