Ispirational Assignment #2

29 09 2010

1. Renaissance Festival

This is a picture I took this past weekend when I went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI.  I saw a ton of cool renaissance-esque pieces of art, ranging from ceramics like in the picture to hand-crafted candles and much more.  I like the atmosphere of the festival that the artwork everywhere creates.  I might try to incorporate something renaissance-like in a project this year.

2. Scott Hooreonerüff

This is a guy I know, named Scott.  He goes to CCS and this is a self portrait he had to do for a class.  I think it was very well done.  I’ve been practicing illustrator a lot more at work lately so I think I’m gonna try to do a good self portrait.  When I tried in the past it didn’t turn out well, but that was back in senior year of high school when we were stuck using Illustrator 6.0.  Kudos, Scott.

Here’s the original photo.

3. Lil Wayne- We Be Steady Mobbin

This is the music video for Lil Wayne’s “Steady Mobbin”.  Not only are the lyrics creative and artistic, but if you watch the video it takes place inside Wayne’s home where he has the place decked outf.  The art on his walls are awesome; he has many murals painted by fans all throughout the home.  And the way he has that house is fly as hell.  Wayne is definitely an artist.

4. Dream Story Book

I found this on DeviantArt, made by user Holliewood1391.

I like the way this way executed.  I think I could do something like this also; I can tell how it was done.  I like how the streetlamp clock is coming out from the book, giving the 3-dimensional feeling.  Good job.

5. Magazine Ad- Geico Ad

This is a magazine ad I found for Geico.  I think Geico has an awesome marketing campaign. “Save 15% or more on your car insurance”.  Whenever people hear that, they know it’s Geico.  And they have an awesome mascot, the Geico Gecko.  He cracks me up.  Nice animation on him, too.




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