Inspirational Assignment #4

12 10 2010

1. Student Center Basement Murals

A lot of students normally don’t have a reason to go into the basement of the Student Center here at Wayne State.  The only thing down there really is a over-priced cafe, a post office that is no longer a post office, and a place to play ping-pong.  However on the walls, somebody painted cool murals of all of Wayne State.  Here we have one of the area of the Kresge Library with DeRoy in the background.  There was a cooler one of Old Main, but the area was locked and I couldn’t get in.  Well, I could have, but there were people around.

2. Ambigrams

I found a link that had very cool ambigrams.

Ambigrams, for those who don’t know, are designs that say something one way, and usally the same thing if you were to flip it upside down.  I found this interesting because recently my friend has been wanting me to design an ambigram tatoo for him.  This one is of the word “Pepsi”.  Very simple but nicely executed.

3. Mr. T Designs

I a link that had a bunch of cool and ridiculous Mr. T themed designs.

I like this one the most because I like typographic pictures.  All the words in the design relate to Mr. T somehow, from “Attitude” to “Mohawk”.  Very nice.

4. Your Logo Makes Me is a non-profit website where artists post up logos that they find and critique the fuck out of them.  Some of them are pretty funny, but this website can be used as a reference as to what not to do when making a logo.  For example, somebody posted up the new GAP logo that was released last week:

As contemporary and cool as this looks, it’s garbage.  What the hell is this blue square?  Cool gradient!  The website had a contest to see who could come up with the best caption for this logo.  Coinicdentally, yesterday GAP decided to change the logo back to what it was.  There were more than just this website complaining about it, but if you ever want to know how to not make a logo, is the place to go.

5. Pretty Lights Advertisement

This is an ad for the upcoming Pretty Lights concert at the Filmore in Real Detroit Magazine.  Pretty Lights is an awesome electronic band, and all their advertisements and website have an awesome electronic/melodic-esque theme to it.  I like their style of both art and music.  You all should check them out if you haven’t heard of them.





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