Inspirational Assignment #5

19 10 2010

1. Line Dancing Poster

This is a poster displayed by the elevators in the Student Center.  It is advertising some line dancing lesson.  It’s kind of a stupid poster, but it caught my eye.  I like how they did the OneCard on it, very simple but you know it’s a OneCard.

2. YKM Bags

This is a cool bag design for YKM.  The handles on the bag are designed to be the person on the bag’s jump rope.  I like the idea.

3. Stop ‘n Grow Bag Advertisement

This is a bag advertisement for Stop ‘n Grow, an applicant for your nails to make you stop biting your nails.  They made it so the handle of the bag is somebody’s mouth, making it look like somebody is biting your nails.  Nice idea.

4. Illustration Made With Type

I found this on a blog about Digital Illustrations with type.  This was executed awesomely.  I want to know exactly how it was done, because I really want to start making typographic photos.

5. Weight Loss Program Ad

I found this in this week’s issue of Metro Times.  I didn’t chose this because it’s a good design or anything, I chose it because it is awfully ridiculous.  There is no way that girl lost all that weight; she looks like she’s naturally tone and fit.  Nice idea, but anybody who’s fooled into this by the picture of that woman is a doofus.




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