Inspirational Assignment #6

26 10 2010

1. Hunchback Painting

My friend Ryan has awesome artwork throughout his house.  His mom collects art from around the world.  This one is apparently The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The guy on the right is the hunchback.  You gotta look at it for a minute to really see it.  I’ll take a better picture next time; I didn’t even know I had this one on my camera.

2. Kanye West- Runaway (Full Length Film)

Kanye’s done it again with something completely off the wall and makes you think, “What  the Hell?”.  Kanye has a new album coming out in November entitled, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.  And boy, does he have one.  This full length music video is about him finding a women phoenix and essentially falling in love with it.  This video is full of things that don’t make sense and randomness, but at the same time it is very creative.  Kanye Went to art school back in the day, so he knows a thing or two about art and creativity.  Most of this video involves elegant things, such as ballerinas and formal dinners, in a not so elegant atmosphere.  What I like about the video is the filter on the camera, turning everything that’s black to purple.  Kanye’s album is going to be interesting, which leads me to my next finding:

3. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Album Art

Kanye seems to be veering off track of what all the other rappers are doing today and is incorporating more art into his work.  He’s been going to painter George Condo ( for the album art and singles for the album.  The album art contains a naked Kanye being mounted by the lady phoenix, probably the one in his “Runaway” video.  I like the album cover; it’s different.  Very simple, but screams Kanye.

Here’s the one for the single, “Power”.  Great song, nice cover art.

Will mainstream America like this new Kanye?  Personally I like how he’s using the inner-art student and is incorporating it in his music.  The album comes out November 11th.

4. Pop Culture Meets the Last Supper

To keep the theme of the clash of old and new in this post, I found a link of a bunch of different interpretations of the last supper with different characters.

Some of them are really well made and are pretty funny.  Jesus probably frowns upon it, but he probably frowns upon Kanye getting laid by a phoenix, too.

Here’s a good one of House, probably made by FOX:

5. Camel Snus Ad

I came across this Camel Snus ad in this week’s issue of Real Detroit.  I chose this because it doesn’t really make sense.  Stare back?  Stare back at what?  I feel this was a bad advertisement move on Camel because we don’t know what to stare back at.  Or maybe we do, and I’m out of the loop.




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