Inspirational Assignment #7

3 11 2010

1. Subway Wall Designs

Today I was eating at Subway and noticed how nice the design on the walls are.  For the most part, each Subway has some type of New York map all over it behind different buildings in the New York skyline, with an Empire State Building border.  It’s simple and usually goes unnoticed, but it really adds to the atmosphere while you’re in there.  I enjoy it.

2. Brisk Iced Tea Bottle Designs

To go along with the food idea, I’d like to say that Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea is probably like my heroin.  I can kill two of these a day easily.  For $1.oo, it’s too good to pass up.  The bottles, however, have very intricate designs made by fans.  They’re usually very interesting and have type of relation to the flavor.  It’s not only a great drink, but it’s appealing to look at, too.  Good design can be found where you least expect it.

3. Bed Bug Infographic

I found this infographic of Bed bugs while surfing the web.

There are many different interesting infographics all over the web, and they usually have good graphics to go along with what their talking about.  This one caught my attention because I recently completed a bed bug brochure for the housing office.  Bed bugs are fucking gross.

4. Rally To Restore Sanity Art

This past weekend Comedy Central’s John Stewart and Stephen Cohbert held their Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear in the nation’s capital.  It had no political value; it was primarily held to confuse the hell out of the media and the government.  The turnout was about 250,000, and it proved that Americans are still down to rally, they just don’t.  This art used to advertise it caught my eye because it is very simple, yet gets the point across.  I feel I could have made a sign just like this, if not similar.  It gives me hope that I could eventually make something monumental someday.

5. This Week’s Cover of Metro Times

I first didn’t think this was Metro Times when I first saw this pot issue.  The whole cover a knock off of a Zig-Zag package (only got some of it, stupid scanner) but it was done very nicely with John Sinclair in the middle instead of the Zig-Zag man.  Detroit is becoming very pot-friendly, and this cover surely shows it.




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