Inspirational Assignment #9

16 11 2010

1. Cass Cafe Mural

I was walking to class on Monday and noticed that they are starting to paint some type of mural on the side of the Cass Cafe, covering the ghetto graffiti that was there.  I think it’s going to look pretty good when it’s done.

2. 3D drawings

I came across this link of impressively rendered drawings.  The artist gave the drawings a feeling that the illustrations are coming off the paper, using multiple pieces of paper and planes.  I wish I could draw like that.

3. Abduzeedo

A guest speaker in my photography class told me about this website today.  It is an awesome website for art, more specifically graphic design.  It has inspiration, textures, fonts, and more.  Every Tuesday they give out a free texture, and every Friday they give out fonts.  Even though you can get these for free already, it’s still a good source for graphic design.

4. Great Caricatures by Jason Seiler

I came across these on abduzeedo.  Jason Seiler makes interesting caricatures of famous people in the media.  This one is of Obama losing in poker, probably having relevance to America losing money.

5. Tin Fish Ads

This full page spread was in this week’s issue of Real Detroit. They’re advertising the Tin Fish restaurant in Partridge Creek (obviously).  I like the simplicity and classiness of the font, along with the color schemes.


Inspirational Assignment #8

10 11 2010

1. Apple Swan

My friend Boyd is currently going to Macomb Community College, pursuing a degree in the Culinary Arts.  He was over my apartment last night and showed me what he learned in class today.  It’s not difficult to do, but when he did it I was truly impressed.  This may not be graphic art, but it’s definitely art.

2. Young Money Debit Cards

If you thought Lil Wayne and Young Money couldn’t get any more rich, think again.  Those clowns have now released a prepaid card with their own YM design on them.  They’re pretty fly; not so much these two ones but the black one is fly.  I kind of want one.  Great advertising by YM President, Mack Maine.

3. Snail House

Architect Javier Senosiain created this snail-influence house outside Mexico City.  This house is fucking awesome.  It’s like, The Hobbit’s Shire meets some crazy Nintendo-made house you would see in a video game.  Amazing.

The inside of this room looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland.  You would only normally see a living room like this if you were on some really crazy Acid or something.

4. Modern Graffiti

Italian artist “CT” has created a modern twist on graffiti.  His type of graffiti is not like the graffiti you see when you’re cruisin through the hood of Detroit.  It has a very  modern, not-ghetto look.  I think it looks cool.  It seems a lot easier to create than normal graffiti, but if it’s done right and successfully then who cares?

5. Scanned Image

Will scan in Wednesday afternoon!

Inspirational Assignment #7

3 11 2010

1. Subway Wall Designs

Today I was eating at Subway and noticed how nice the design on the walls are.  For the most part, each Subway has some type of New York map all over it behind different buildings in the New York skyline, with an Empire State Building border.  It’s simple and usually goes unnoticed, but it really adds to the atmosphere while you’re in there.  I enjoy it.

2. Brisk Iced Tea Bottle Designs

To go along with the food idea, I’d like to say that Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea is probably like my heroin.  I can kill two of these a day easily.  For $1.oo, it’s too good to pass up.  The bottles, however, have very intricate designs made by fans.  They’re usually very interesting and have type of relation to the flavor.  It’s not only a great drink, but it’s appealing to look at, too.  Good design can be found where you least expect it.

3. Bed Bug Infographic

I found this infographic of Bed bugs while surfing the web.

There are many different interesting infographics all over the web, and they usually have good graphics to go along with what their talking about.  This one caught my attention because I recently completed a bed bug brochure for the housing office.  Bed bugs are fucking gross.

4. Rally To Restore Sanity Art

This past weekend Comedy Central’s John Stewart and Stephen Cohbert held their Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear in the nation’s capital.  It had no political value; it was primarily held to confuse the hell out of the media and the government.  The turnout was about 250,000, and it proved that Americans are still down to rally, they just don’t.  This art used to advertise it caught my eye because it is very simple, yet gets the point across.  I feel I could have made a sign just like this, if not similar.  It gives me hope that I could eventually make something monumental someday.

5. This Week’s Cover of Metro Times

I first didn’t think this was Metro Times when I first saw this pot issue.  The whole cover a knock off of a Zig-Zag package (only got some of it, stupid scanner) but it was done very nicely with John Sinclair in the middle instead of the Zig-Zag man.  Detroit is becoming very pot-friendly, and this cover surely shows it.

Inspirational Assignment #6

26 10 2010

1. Hunchback Painting

My friend Ryan has awesome artwork throughout his house.  His mom collects art from around the world.  This one is apparently The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The guy on the right is the hunchback.  You gotta look at it for a minute to really see it.  I’ll take a better picture next time; I didn’t even know I had this one on my camera.

2. Kanye West- Runaway (Full Length Film)

Kanye’s done it again with something completely off the wall and makes you think, “What  the Hell?”.  Kanye has a new album coming out in November entitled, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”.  And boy, does he have one.  This full length music video is about him finding a women phoenix and essentially falling in love with it.  This video is full of things that don’t make sense and randomness, but at the same time it is very creative.  Kanye Went to art school back in the day, so he knows a thing or two about art and creativity.  Most of this video involves elegant things, such as ballerinas and formal dinners, in a not so elegant atmosphere.  What I like about the video is the filter on the camera, turning everything that’s black to purple.  Kanye’s album is going to be interesting, which leads me to my next finding:

3. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Album Art

Kanye seems to be veering off track of what all the other rappers are doing today and is incorporating more art into his work.  He’s been going to painter George Condo ( for the album art and singles for the album.  The album art contains a naked Kanye being mounted by the lady phoenix, probably the one in his “Runaway” video.  I like the album cover; it’s different.  Very simple, but screams Kanye.

Here’s the one for the single, “Power”.  Great song, nice cover art.

Will mainstream America like this new Kanye?  Personally I like how he’s using the inner-art student and is incorporating it in his music.  The album comes out November 11th.

4. Pop Culture Meets the Last Supper

To keep the theme of the clash of old and new in this post, I found a link of a bunch of different interpretations of the last supper with different characters.

Some of them are really well made and are pretty funny.  Jesus probably frowns upon it, but he probably frowns upon Kanye getting laid by a phoenix, too.

Here’s a good one of House, probably made by FOX:

5. Camel Snus Ad

I came across this Camel Snus ad in this week’s issue of Real Detroit.  I chose this because it doesn’t really make sense.  Stare back?  Stare back at what?  I feel this was a bad advertisement move on Camel because we don’t know what to stare back at.  Or maybe we do, and I’m out of the loop.

Inspirational Assignment #4

12 10 2010

1. Student Center Basement Murals

A lot of students normally don’t have a reason to go into the basement of the Student Center here at Wayne State.  The only thing down there really is a over-priced cafe, a post office that is no longer a post office, and a place to play ping-pong.  However on the walls, somebody painted cool murals of all of Wayne State.  Here we have one of the area of the Kresge Library with DeRoy in the background.  There was a cooler one of Old Main, but the area was locked and I couldn’t get in.  Well, I could have, but there were people around.

2. Ambigrams

I found a link that had very cool ambigrams.

Ambigrams, for those who don’t know, are designs that say something one way, and usally the same thing if you were to flip it upside down.  I found this interesting because recently my friend has been wanting me to design an ambigram tatoo for him.  This one is of the word “Pepsi”.  Very simple but nicely executed.

3. Mr. T Designs

I a link that had a bunch of cool and ridiculous Mr. T themed designs.

I like this one the most because I like typographic pictures.  All the words in the design relate to Mr. T somehow, from “Attitude” to “Mohawk”.  Very nice.

4. Your Logo Makes Me is a non-profit website where artists post up logos that they find and critique the fuck out of them.  Some of them are pretty funny, but this website can be used as a reference as to what not to do when making a logo.  For example, somebody posted up the new GAP logo that was released last week:

As contemporary and cool as this looks, it’s garbage.  What the hell is this blue square?  Cool gradient!  The website had a contest to see who could come up with the best caption for this logo.  Coinicdentally, yesterday GAP decided to change the logo back to what it was.  There were more than just this website complaining about it, but if you ever want to know how to not make a logo, is the place to go.

5. Pretty Lights Advertisement

This is an ad for the upcoming Pretty Lights concert at the Filmore in Real Detroit Magazine.  Pretty Lights is an awesome electronic band, and all their advertisements and website have an awesome electronic/melodic-esque theme to it.  I like their style of both art and music.  You all should check them out if you haven’t heard of them.


Inspirational Assignment #3

6 10 2010

1. Bread Stickers

Recently I’ve been noticing more and more of these stickers on walls and such around campus.  It’s a sticker of a piece of bread with a face, mustache and beret.  This photo I took is one on the Cass Cafe wall.  Maybe there’s a meaning behind them, maybe not.  Maybe whoever is putting these everywhere is just doing it to mess with people.  I like it though.

2. Grey Group Building Bathroom Wall Signs


I found this in the AIGA Design Archives, in the Grey Group building Designs.

I like this.  It’s an awesome way to show where the bathroom is.  It’s not the ordinary blue bathroom sign with braille on this.  More places should start doing this.  It’s not very ideal for blind people, however.

3. GV Art- Etch-A-Sketch Art

I found this on GV Art & Design’s website.

This website has a lot of cool designs on it.  I found their gallery of Etch-A-Sketch art, and they’re awesome.  This one is a etch-a-collage of Jay-Z.  Most people couldn’t draw that on paper, let alone an Etch-A-Sketch.

4. 30 Awesome Examples of Multiplicity Photography

I stumbled upon this link of great multiplicity photography.  You basically set the camera on a tripod and timer, move around to different positions in the frame, then photoshop the poses into one photo.  I’m going to try to make one.

5. Pricing & Ethical Guidlines Book Cover

This past weekend my Aunt gave me a book called Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.  This book contains information about pricing and selling your artwork.  I haven’t read it yet, but it looks like it could be extremely helpful.  The cover art is pretty cool, too.


Ispirational Assignment #2

29 09 2010

1. Renaissance Festival

This is a picture I took this past weekend when I went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI.  I saw a ton of cool renaissance-esque pieces of art, ranging from ceramics like in the picture to hand-crafted candles and much more.  I like the atmosphere of the festival that the artwork everywhere creates.  I might try to incorporate something renaissance-like in a project this year.

2. Scott Hooreonerüff

This is a guy I know, named Scott.  He goes to CCS and this is a self portrait he had to do for a class.  I think it was very well done.  I’ve been practicing illustrator a lot more at work lately so I think I’m gonna try to do a good self portrait.  When I tried in the past it didn’t turn out well, but that was back in senior year of high school when we were stuck using Illustrator 6.0.  Kudos, Scott.

Here’s the original photo.

3. Lil Wayne- We Be Steady Mobbin

This is the music video for Lil Wayne’s “Steady Mobbin”.  Not only are the lyrics creative and artistic, but if you watch the video it takes place inside Wayne’s home where he has the place decked outf.  The art on his walls are awesome; he has many murals painted by fans all throughout the home.  And the way he has that house is fly as hell.  Wayne is definitely an artist.

4. Dream Story Book

I found this on DeviantArt, made by user Holliewood1391.

I like the way this way executed.  I think I could do something like this also; I can tell how it was done.  I like how the streetlamp clock is coming out from the book, giving the 3-dimensional feeling.  Good job.

5. Magazine Ad- Geico Ad

This is a magazine ad I found for Geico.  I think Geico has an awesome marketing campaign. “Save 15% or more on your car insurance”.  Whenever people hear that, they know it’s Geico.  And they have an awesome mascot, the Geico Gecko.  He cracks me up.  Nice animation on him, too.