Raps from over the past couple years

13 05 2011

Since starting back in the beginning of freshman year of college, I’ve been making stupid raps.  Some are good, some definitely are not.  Here are some of my old ones back from when I was getting the hang of it, and using the shitty macbook mic.

Rapper Eater: 3rd song attempted, pissed off Kenny Barry

That Cough: where ‘Don’t Cough on Me’ was originated

Old Ass Benz: A tribute to the Benzo (RIP)

Just Don’t Give a Fuck: Diss track towards the Mt. Pleasant clowns

My Clean Song: Tried to not be explicit, failed

More to come.


Russian in Detroit- Why I Love Living on Campus

13 05 2011

3rd place winner in WSU Housing’s “Why I Love Living on Campus” contest.

Russian in Detroit- Theatrical Trailer

13 05 2011

Coming soon.

Russian in Detroit- Teaser Trailer

13 05 2011

An introduction to Russian in Detroit, a video log of one Russian family’s transition from life in Moscow, Russia to life in Detroit, MI.

It’s so cooooolllld in tha D

22 11 2010


Inspirational Assignment #9

16 11 2010

1. Cass Cafe Mural

I was walking to class on Monday and noticed that they are starting to paint some type of mural on the side of the Cass Cafe, covering the ghetto graffiti that was there.  I think it’s going to look pretty good when it’s done.

2. 3D drawings


I came across this link of impressively rendered drawings.  The artist gave the drawings a feeling that the illustrations are coming off the paper, using multiple pieces of paper and planes.  I wish I could draw like that.

3. Abduzeedo


A guest speaker in my photography class told me about this website today.  It is an awesome website for art, more specifically graphic design.  It has inspiration, textures, fonts, and more.  Every Tuesday they give out a free texture, and every Friday they give out fonts.  Even though you can get these for free already, it’s still a good source for graphic design.

4. Great Caricatures by Jason Seiler


I came across these on abduzeedo.  Jason Seiler makes interesting caricatures of famous people in the media.  This one is of Obama losing in poker, probably having relevance to America losing money.

5. Tin Fish Ads

This full page spread was in this week’s issue of Real Detroit. They’re advertising the Tin Fish restaurant in Partridge Creek (obviously).  I like the simplicity and classiness of the font, along with the color schemes.

Inspirational Assignment #8

10 11 2010

1. Apple Swan

My friend Boyd is currently going to Macomb Community College, pursuing a degree in the Culinary Arts.  He was over my apartment last night and showed me what he learned in class today.  It’s not difficult to do, but when he did it I was truly impressed.  This may not be graphic art, but it’s definitely art.

2. Young Money Debit Cards

If you thought Lil Wayne and Young Money couldn’t get any more rich, think again.  Those clowns have now released a prepaid card with their own YM design on them.  They’re pretty fly; not so much these two ones but the black one is fly.  I kind of want one.  Great advertising by YM President, Mack Maine.

3. Snail House


Architect Javier Senosiain created this snail-influence house outside Mexico City.  This house is fucking awesome.  It’s like, The Hobbit’s Shire meets some crazy Nintendo-made house you would see in a video game.  Amazing.

The inside of this room looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland.  You would only normally see a living room like this if you were on some really crazy Acid or something.

4. Modern Graffiti


Italian artist “CT” has created a modern twist on graffiti.  His type of graffiti is not like the graffiti you see when you’re cruisin through the hood of Detroit.  It has a very  modern, not-ghetto look.  I think it looks cool.  It seems a lot easier to create than normal graffiti, but if it’s done right and successfully then who cares?

5. Scanned Image

Will scan in Wednesday afternoon!